The Anti-Bottle: Vapur

Eat and Sip in the City

You guys know how much I love reviewing new products. I received two different sizes of the Vapur to check out for consideration for my small biz, for a new fitness focused bundle for mom-to-be. And I couldn’t help but share my thoughts here!


So the deal is that Vapur is a foldable water bottle , that you can have on hand at all times and fill it wherever there is a water fountain, sink, pitcher, etc! There is a handy handle/ clip so you can hold on to it easily or even attach it to your bike, gym bag, purse, or wherever.

Vapur water bottle

Then when you are done, store it away and fold it up for use at a later time!

It is flat but when it fills up it stands on it owns. One con is that if you have a just a little bit left, you…

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