Where in the World Am I this Time?

Susie Lindau's Wild Ride

Can you guess? Identify my location and you will win a priceless trinket which will be delivered by armored truck and handed to you by the celebrity of your choice. Okay. You’ll receive a small package in the mail.

Mystery Photo #1

Mystery Photo 3-1

Mystery Photo #2

Mystery Photo 3-2

Mystery Photo #3

Mystery photo 3-3

Mystery Photo #4

Mystery photo 3-4

Mystery Photo #5

Mystery Photo 3-5

Pretty easy right? The most specific answers will win the coveted Wild Rider Prize. Maybe it’s not so coveted, but it is free and how many times do you get something in the mail you didn’t pay for?

If there is more than one winner, I will draw a name from a hat. Winners will be announced at the end of the contest.

Good luck!

Do you take a lot of photographs while on vacation?

All photos taken with a Sony Nex-3N Digital SLR by Susie Lindau

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