Delhi Couture Week 2013 – Anju Modi

ATBB (all things bright & beautiful)

When the word couture comes to our mind, the first place where our mind wanders off to is Paris, where designers turn dreams into reality. A Mecca for all fashionistas.  India ventured into this field four years back with its own couture week and since then there has been no turning back. The opulence, the richness, the craftsmanship all take us back in time when India  was a land of plenty. It makes us time travel and see what it was like to be in a land so blessed and so pure.

The Delhi Couture Week 2013 kick started on July 31st with Anju Modi’s Collection – Draupadi. And what a way to start a couture week. The sheer brilliance of the theme kept everybody rooted to their seats. I love the way how Anju Modi’s design collections always have a story to tell. This time it was of Draupadi…

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