Quartz joins the wave of media entities trying to rethink how reader comments work


While many media players seem to have turned their backs on reader comments, or handed them over to Facebook or other third parties, there is also a wave of reinvention happening — with companies like Gawker Media turning their commenters into bloggers, and the New York Timeshighlighting comments inside their stories. Now Quartz, the business site launched earlier this year by Atlantic Media, is launching a version of reader comments that it calls “annotations,” as a way of trying to capture some of the value its readers can offer.

The new Quartz feature positions comments next to specific paragraphs of a story, rather than dumping them all in a comment section at the bottom of a piece. The feature looks and behaves very much like what Medium — the site founded by former Twitter CEO Evan Williams — calls “notes,” and Quartz senior editor Zach Seward said in an…

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