Some Delicious Eats of Cincinnati

The Accidental Heroine

Of course while visiting my friend in Cincinnati we had to go out to eat!  We had planned on cooking most of our meals, but out of the almost 5 days I spent with her we only cooked once -my last night.

While most aren’t worth mentioning (they weren’t bad, but nothing special) there are two places we went that stood out to me.

The first being BJ’s Brewhouse -now normally, I wouldn’t write about a chain restaurant (we have one about 15-20 minutes from where I live) but I had never been and while skeptical about my friend’s rave reviews I ended up being incredibly impressed!

It was definitely on the pricey side, but I was on vacation yo!

For an appetizer I ordered us some chicken lettuce wraps -they were great (Sadly, no picture).

Both my friend and I ordered gluten free Pizza -I got jerk chicken, olives…

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