Tone It Up Meet Up!


One of the many things I love about the Tone It Up Team is that at any given city or region, I can send a tweet or a message out and plan a meet-up justlikethat. It not only makes traveling more fun, but I get to meet the beautiful faces behind the tweets. And, honestly, who doesn’t like making new friends?

This Saturday I was beyond excited and a little awed to finally meet TIU sister Grace aka @MomToCutiePia. She’s incredibly inspiring and one of the first people with whom I connected in the TIU community during the first Bikini Series. When I’m feeling lazy I only have to look at Grace’s Instagram to push me to get moving. Her daughter Pia is also very prominent in her posts and is well on her to being a TIU babe herself!

I’m really glad Grace took the time out of…

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