Friends, teeth and crawling.

Whilst I will always be overwhelmed with the love and support of my friends and family, especially the ones who just text or call by to check I’m okay every now and then, I must say I am pretty disappointed with some ‘friends’.

To anyone reading this who is unsure if this is you, if you’re unsure you probably fall into that category.

One thing I cannot stand is people who say “we will be there for you and Oliver” or claim they will do this, that or the other. There are some ‘friends’ who preached their support at Chris’ funeral. Insulting that these are the same people who not only stabbed myself and Oliver in the back, but Chris to, by bear-baiting his ex-girlfriend, trying to make out she was welcome there. She categorically was not, he couldn’t stand her, the wake was for family and friends and she…

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