Guest Post by T.C. Southwell – Creating Original Fantasy Creatures

Michelle Louring

As part of her blog tour, I’m hosting fantasy author T.C. Southwell on my blog today! She’s going to be talking about creating original fantasy creatures in writing, so stay with us.
Also, don’t miss the chance to get one of her books for free! Read more about the offer at the end of the post. For now, I will leave the word to ms. Southwell!

T.C. Southwell AuthorOriginality is something every author should strive for. Using the hackneyed, stereotypical creatures that have been around for centuries – unicorns, vampires, fairies, elves, dragons and ogres, etc. – detracts from a good fantasy tale, in my opinion. Sure, it’s easier to write about something everyone knows, so you don’t have to describe it in detail, but for readers, discovering new and exciting fantasy creatures enhances a story. While the tried and trusted has a fan following all of its own, it’s so much…

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