Are you going to blog about that? Why do you blog now?



“Are you going to blog about that?” Seems to be the burning question from my children, husband and other family members. I have to ask myself, what exactly do they mean? Do they want me to blog about it or are they dreading it?

This of course  is followed by ” Why do you blog now?

I have an answer! Boredom and loneliness! Yup!  Its that simple people!

See, we just moved to a small town in Kentucky from my hometown in Oklahoma and I don’t have anyone to share my antics with. I thought about talking to some of the other moms I see at the kid’s school but the things that come into my awesome brain seem inappropriate for introductions. Can you image what would happen?

I can so I will lay it out for you:

Random other Mom, “Hey how is going”

Me, “ Good, my son…

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