It’s a numbers game

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Trivia , by its very definition isn’t exactly critical information. But it may not be as trivial as you think! Knowing some random facts can give you interesting conversation topics at a party, or help you win a game show. So take a little while to chew on these fun food facts, hopefully it won’t make you too hungry.

1 – The United States’ rank in terms of global cheese production.

40 – Percentage of empty calories a child consumes in their diet.

44– Percent of Americans who eat fast food once a week.

300 – Average number of sticks of chewing gum an individual consumes each year. No wonder there’s so much of it under desks and tables.

350– Slices of pizza that are eaten every second worldwide.

421 – Average acreage of a typical farm in the U.S. You could fit four Vatican Cities inside the…

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