Mr. G Kids Comics

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Credit: Matt Gajdoš
teacher and cartoonist

The Kids! They make me laugh! They have no filter, and they always come up with an observation you would never hear from an adult.

Matt Gajdoš

Southern California

Kids can’t comprehend how I can be single

Meet Matt Gajdoš. I love this teachers’ art, especially the expressions Matt captures. As a mother of nine kids, his cartoons ring true; they truly are written by the kids he teaches. I mean no adult could possible come up with half of his material. Only a listening, caring man with a hilarious sense of humour and a unique talent can create Mister G. kids! Listen to his introduction of himself because he will snag your interest with the very first sentence:

I’ve had the pleasure of spending the last six years teaching elementary kids, big and small, as a substitute teacher. People ask me why I sub…

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