Summer Salad Simplicity

Nutrition coaching for active people

Summer is the easiest time of year to get our fruits and veggies. So many choices for fresh, easy snacks, like ripe peaches or red bell peppers. Yet, when we are vacationing or trying to savor a little quiet time at the pool or beach, putting a complete meal together is a challenge. And let’s face it, working parents are trying to juggle the allure of a carefree summer with our kids with the reality that our jobs and businesses are operating as usual! Bottom line: Food can still become a chore, and shortcuts are tempting.

Are you thinking I’m going to tell you to buck up and get into the kitchen? Prioritize your family’s and your health and get cooking?  Well, yes and no. Because your and your family’s health requires not only healthy eating but also quality time to take care of yourself and have fun!

So I have one solution…

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