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Her Heart on the Outside


This morning began much the same as many before it. Awakened from a deep slumber by the rustling noise of a toddler from her bedroom and the occasional bellow, “Mama, where are you?” that always makes me smile. Layla is on vacation with Grandma Teta, so it has just been Jemma and me for the past week. I sluggishly poured my coffee and a bowl of dry Cap’n Crunch, tuned into PBS so my little singer didn’t miss the songs at the start of her favorite educational programs, and as typical for me, I officially began my day with the updates of friends and loved ones via social media outlets. I am certain most people start their day with this same obsession.

Yesterday, John and I discussed an article getting wide circulation on Facebook, and I had not given it much thought until I saw it in my newsfeed, about…

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