Real Relationships

Olivia Against All Odds

I’m being meditative this morning.

When am I not being meditative? I need to learn to write it out more

Anyway , here’s what’s on my mind. Something I realized today even in my own history.

Most relationships are just each person getting something out of the other. Sure, they may love the other person, but they’re getting something out of it .

The best relationships are where you just simply want to be with that person, no ulterior motives.

I’ve had love for the serious relationships I’ve been in, but I’m not sure if I was in love. Thinking back, each time was an exchange of sorts, but in my current relationship, I have no sense of that. No ones keeping score or getting something out of the other person. We just want to be around each other. And that’s amazing. Not even sure if it’s real. I worry…

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