The Hanshi of Central Park – Chapters 5 and 6


The Hanshi of Central Park
by Stephen F Kaufman

I will be uploading much of this adult novel, chapter by chapter. When your appetite has been whetted, you can buy the complete book, autographed, DIRECTLY from me at Here are chapters 5 and 6.


The Hanshi knew the park very well and had no problem leaving the immediate area. As he ran he was able to think clearly and couldn’t believe what he had just witnessed and gotten into. He would have to report the incident to the authorities before a manhunt started, but first he had to get out of the park. The situation was out of control and he knew it would be smart to have the press around when he went to the police station to prevent any more nonsense as a result of no one knowing what the hell had happened. First though, get…

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