The Kiss After Midnight by Marvin Amazon

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ImageEveryone has a secret…and some secrets are worth killing for.

Tobias Mead is rich, handsome, and charming—a popular combination with the
ladies in New York City’s high end clubs. But the night he meets Penélope,
everyone else ceases to exist. Their attraction is immediate and intense.

When Penélope’s body is discovered in a nearby park, Tobias is
devastated—and then terrified. The police accuse him of murder, and his
face is plastered on every news outlet in the city. If that’s not bad
enough, it turns out that Penélope was romantically involved with Antonio
Cabrera, the volatile heir of a dangerous Central American drug cartel.
Now the family wants revenge, as well as something valuable that Penélope
may have left with an unsuspecting Tobias.

Everyone shoots to kill, and Tobias is caught in the crossfire as New York
City explodes into terrifying violence. The only person he can trust is

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