The Perils of Songwriting…

Stacy Alexander


You know, I’ve always been a pretty good songwriter.  I could sit down at a keyboard and hammer something out relatively quickly, and it would be decent….not great, but decent.  However, now that I am taking this songwriting course from the Berklee College of Music, I am finding myself drift over to left brained thinking more, leaving my creative right lobes hungry for more substance.  Things are no longer flowing as easily and naturally as before.  Songwriting that was once easy for me is now more difficult as I struggle with all of these terms and the methodology behind them.  I know it will all come together as I keep going, but right now, it is challenging.  Fortunately, I welcome a good challenge.

Last week, we learned about assonance rhyme and additive rhymes.    This week, we are working with plosives and family rhymes.  Rhyme schemes and consonate rhymes.  We…

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