Timing: Chapter 9


The trio left the restaurant and Michael helped Eva into Susan’s car. He kissed Susan and said, “Be safe. Keep an eye on her. Text me Dani’s parents’ number. I’ll call Daniel.” He pointed to Eva and said, “Keep an eye on her, I mean it. Love you.” He ran to his cruiser and left.

“Come on, chica. Let’s get over there and wait for them,” Susan insisted and started the car. Before leaving the curb she looked at Eva, who was staring straight ahead. She gently shook her friend and said, “Eva, you need to call Louis,” then pulled into traffic.

“What?” Eva asked. “Oh. Right, yeah.” She dug around in her bag and retrieved her phone, going through the motions. Once she had it, she hit Louis’ speed dial number and waited. It rang several times and went to voice-mail. She didn’t really think anything of it, he…

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