Tumbleweed, Dick King-Smith

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Tumbleweed, Dick King-SmithTumbleweed by Dick King-Smith
Illustrated by Harry Horse

First Published: 1987
Pages: 107 (Paperback)
Form: Novel
Rating: 4/54/54/54/54/5

Wanted – damsel in distress

Sir Tumbleweed is a nervous and accident-prone knight. Then he meets an evil-looking witch who is surprisingly kind to him. Before he knows what’s happening, he has a lion and a unicorn as friends and has floored Sir Basil the Beastly in a jousting match. Now all he has to do is find a beautiful damsel to rescue from a smallish, not too fierce dragon.

A hilarious tale of unexpected surprises in Merrie England from the pen of master-storyteller, Dick King-Smith

Another fun little novel from my childhood by Dick King-Smith. A bit of a departure from his normal ‘farmyard fantasy’ (Dick King-Smith is a prolific author of books featuring talking pigs, mice, and various other animals), Tumbleweed is a fantasy-comedy featuring a very clumsy, nervous, knight who…

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