Bad Religion: The Sidekicks

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Edged in Blue

BadReligion-ebook600If you’ve read The Compleat Kepler and the first two Kepler novels, you know Nick Kepler doesn’t go it alone, even if he feels like it sometimes. He has friends in police departments, in the prosecutor’s office, and with his client/former employer, TTG Insurance.

But he also has part-time ops as well. Most are cops working off-duty. One is a PI who seems to have learned all he knows from reruns of The Rockford Files. None of them are the psycho sidekick, though one likes to play at that.

Who are they?

ELAINE HASKELL – By Bad Religion, it’s pretty clear that Elaine and Nick can’t keep their hands off each other. Over the course of the novel, we not only learn why, but we witness them giving up the pretense that what happened in Second Hand Goods was a one-time thing. But Nick Kepler, PI, exists partly…

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