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Adventures in Writing

It’s happened to all of us. There you are, reading a book that isn’t so bad, and then something wrong jumps out at you. It could be a change of a character’s eye-color, or an incorrect fact or term. What spurred me to this post? I was reading a book and the main female took a comb to her curly hair.

Excuse me while I scream in frustration.

I have naturally curly hair. The only time I brush or come my hair is right before I wash it, and that is only to get rid of the pesky strays. Why? Because curly hair, when combed or brushed, does very bad things. VERY bad. Suffice to say that it becomes untamable. And so when this character combed her hair to make it look better? I was very temped to throw the book across the room. The only reasoni didn’t is actually…

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