Hobbits and Dwarves: off on an adventure

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Film Review

I know rather late as so many people have already seen this, but whilst in Scotland we used our tablet to watch some films. We particularly liked The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. Of course, we have already seen all the Lord of the Rings films – but heh why not see the story that started it all? After all, I never read the book, seeing it more as a children’s story than for the more adult amongst us. That said, at uni, when I read the Ring Trilogy, I’m not sure all of us were very grown up!

What did we like?

Well first of all, the actor who played Bilbo. Martin Freeman. We think he is often under-rated as an actor, although clearly some people rate him as he was given this part. And clearly Peter Jackson, who scheduled around his role in Sherlock (see the…

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