Motivation Monday


Lyncee Shillard

This weekend was CRAZY!!! I did two blog hops back to back here and then one on my ‘nice’ twin – young adult writer Tasarla Romaney – something I’ve never done so today is allllll about getting caught up on the loose ends of those.

First….drummmmmmm AND the winners are dddddddd….

From the Summer Lovin Blog hop –
Grand Prize – vampiremistress2010
Grapeapril75 won my Kick Start swag

From Ella Jade’s Birthday Bash blog hop –
Book Attict won the grand prize
Joy F won the Spike swag

Second… my son moved across the state and started his ‘I’m done with college job’ – woo hoooo.

Third… I needed to spend some time looking at the calls different publishers have out. I like to do my novella writing for specific calls. BECAUSE??? I need to start refining my writing que for 2014 (eyes roll back and breathing becomes labored as…

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