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Mari Ellis Dunning

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Since I have 16 followers already, I thought I’d better get my first blog post up and update you all! (Blogging is also a great way to avoid revision…) Other ways to avoid what I’m supposed to be doing which have proved effective today have been:

  1. Digression of this very nature
  2. Staring at the wall
  3. Pretending to brush my teeth with my pen (yes, I did catch myself doing this)
  4. Designing a header for my freelance website (would be great to get some opinions actually!)
  5. Talking to the dog, who, by the way, happens to be deaf… and a dog…
  6. Writing poems… about poetry

Mari Ellis Weird Writing

Anyway, welcome to (Anyone else think I should buy the domain name and get rid of the ‘wordpress’?) Why ‘weird writing’ you may ask? Well simply put, because it is. I write a lot of bizarre fiction, from poems about…

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