Write a Nice Letter and Leave it in a Book for a Stranger to Find


Project Light to Life

I first learned of this idea on a “Kind Acts” suggestion page on Google. Afterward, I experienced the Baader-Meinhof Phenomenon — when you hear of something once and afterward, it seems as if you keep hearing about it — when multiple readers told me they already did or want to follow through with this idea.

As an English major, who absolutely loves to read and considers spending hours in “Barnes & Noble” to be heaven, I found the idea of leaving a nice note in a book for a stranger to find ideal.

I’d been putting this one off for a bit because I didn’t know what to say in the note or what book I would leave it in. Then the other day, I decided to just go for it; one of my all-time favorite books is “Wuthering Heights,” so I figured I would personalize the note toward that…

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