Sci-Fi Undercover — Joe Clifford Faust


Devon Claytor

Title: Desperate Measures (Book One of Angel’s Luck Trilogy)

Author:Joe Clifford Faust (wikipedia)

(Official WordPress Website)

Publishing info: A Del Ray Book / Ballantine Books – 1989

Pages: 245

Cover Art: David B. Mattingly (official website)


          When I first saw this cover–I was sold immediately.  There wasn’t a part of the artwork that didn’t intrigue me.  It is such an alluring cover that not only am I overlooking the fact that this book is part one of a trilogy that I don’t own the rest of, but I am seriously considering trying to contact the artist.

Important details from the cover:

•  a woman is being choked on a very large television while bar patrons watch

•  a man with the shoulders of Hercules and the shirt of a Hawaiian is not enjoying his massage

*  the (impressively) mustachioed masseuse, with the biceps of Mark…

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