this time

Other than Lovie

“Nooooooo! I want Mommy!!”

She keeps whining and thrashing about in bed. Just like most nights. Anything to get my attention. Anything to get me in her room again. Anything to stall closing those eyes and going to sleep.

“It’s Bor-ring,” she whines when I tell her to just close her eyes and relax–or, my personal favorite, “But then I can’t see!”

You’re so clever. You really are. You have an old soul. I’ve been told this numerous times about you.

You can see it when you look into her eyes.

It’s like she’s known me for years when we just met! 

She’s an old soul, that one.

I know they’re right, too. I know you’re an old soul. I know you’re much wiser beyond your two years. But I also know you’ve got to get some sleep.

Because if you don’t, I don’t; and if I don’t, the world…

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