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Being on the academic, rather than the athletic, side of the University of Oregon, I’m not gifted with my own private hydrotherapy pool, hand-woven Nepali rugs in my office, or the use of a barbershop with imported Milanese utensils — all appallingly featured in the University’s new football center that has attracted lots of much-deserved derision. (See e.g. here for an article on it.) I do, however, get something I like better: access to very good libraries. (Yes, the coaches have access to the libraries as well. For all I know, they use them as much as I do…)

Somewhat randomly, I checked out a few days ago a book that’s been on my list of things to read for over a year: one of the volumes of Modernist Cuisine, a 2,400 page foray into the structure of food and its transformation by cooking and other manipulations, that includes…

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