What Is Your Wish?

NIce to meet again..did you accept author request.
Cool post Cyril


Last night I had the joy of babysitting my nephews so my brother could celebrate his birthday. admission-ticket-iconadmission-ticket-iconMy youngest nephew (now 5) and I were drawing. He was drawing and I was writing a story for him at his request. He had already drawn me a Medieval castle in purple (my favourite colour as he pointed out, then looking at what I was wearing said it was pink – his favourite colour is pink – we have so much in common! Probably because my inner child is around about 5, I remember it as a fun age to be – and I have just spent the yearbest teacher teaching his age group too.) The castle also had heart shaped windows on one turret (bless!) I loved it and it was put on my fridge proudly as soon as I got in despite Mr G trying to serve up hot supper in the kitchen!


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