Working Girl


"Pin Up Picks Pen Up"

So…I kind of went out and got myself three jobs.  I went from working the occasional waitressing shift, doing various odd jobs and writing for hours at home. I had time on my hands.  My cup runneth over with time to luxuriate over my ideas.  Now I’m driving all over town to my revolving door of gigs. My head is full of non-reflexive thoughts, my brain is running overtime, but it’s all on exciting work stuff (exciting to me, explaining my work to you would be like trying to explain last nights dream–“It was the house I grew up in, but not, and it was my dad but he looked like Tony Danza, but I knew he was my dad”.  Blech).    Don’t get me wrong, I am loving every minute of it.  But I most certainly returned from holiday to a completely different life.  I’m just now catching…

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